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Subject: :: say hello ::
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toddster 7/28/2006 - 4:07:47
hi and thanks for joining wave.GIF hope you enjoy the videos in the files section ,if you have any questions or requests then please leave them in the requests topic and feel free to start any new topics or say hello in here dance.GIF *

djd_18 9/2/2006 - 9:06:53
Howzit toddster... what the max upload here? *

lilac2 9/25/2006 - 4:28:20
Hi i cant find any links for video's here hun? Where do i need to go lol *

toddster 10/9/2006 - 2:46:48
the links for the few videos that are on here are in the files section i will add more vids to my hosting site and link them through here *

toddster 10/9/2006 - 2:49:34
the max vid size is unlimited and file type is any ,pc users as well as mobile users access this site so all is allowed just upload to a host site such as fsphost.com and place the links in a topic or the links page check the why cant i upload topic for more info *

xexmx 18.11.08 - 02:22am
Hello3.GIF hiii every1 reading this lol .x *

2g0bby4u 6.01.09 - 07:43pm

sonja_tg 7.01.09 - 11:42am
hello.GIF good luck with the group 2thumbs_up.GIF *

janfer 17.03.09 - 12:36am
Hi 2 every1. *

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