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Subject: Do you have videos on your prodigits wapsite?
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toddster 5/26/2007 - 5:40:47
If you have purchased the video addon for your prodigts profile and want to let members know about your vids Then why not create a topic in this section or leave a reply here *

emua 24.06.08 - 05:09pm
i want a video on my own wapsite

emua 24.06.08 - 05:11pm
hey i am going to beat a hell out of you if i do not get that video immediately *

xasiax 27.06.08 - 07:04pm
Reading2.GIF *

toddster 30.06.08 - 07:39am
i doubt it very much but try purchasing the video addon or upload a video thats in 3gp format and under 500kb to this groups file section. *

tan66 30.08.08 - 09:13pm
I'm using n70, so is this ok to upload/download videos? How much memory do i need for a full length video and is there a special app, other than the built in video player, which i will need? *

toddster 8.09.08 - 08:50am
n70s should be able to upload into this group in the files part back on the videos.wapgroups.com main page they must be 500kb or under in size and only in 3gp format ...but if you have vids in other formats thats ok cos i have video converting/editing software that can help so if ya want vids converting etc email me them at this address toddystunes@gmail.com but inbox me on here if you do so i can go get them from email inbox.

this applies to all members too *

tan66 8.09.08 - 11:44am
Thanku so much toddster hug.GIF and thanku for getting back to me :) *

toddster 8.09.08 - 06:29pm
ill always try reply asap but with work its not often i get on here *

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