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Subject: 405
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mab21 12.12.11 - 09:39am
Hi! Does anyone know how to see videos on LG GT-405? except for downloading them? the mp4 feature is good but kinda awkward. just asking if anyone knows some adapted application for my phone. thx

toddster 19.01.12 - 09:34am
i dont think there is tbh you could try a application called vlc player it streams video to your handset give google a whirl *

mab21 19.01.12 - 09:48am
didnt know you can install vlc player on a phonechin.GIF *

toddster 19.01.12 - 09:50am
you can now its in the android market i installed it on my galaxy the other week....chechk my new [VD] topics out there all full length films to download for free *

mab21 19.01.12 - 10:03am
thx, lg gt-405 it's just a mere cell phone with a touch screen thoughlol.GIFthe lg's smart phones are the optimuses... maybve next year lol *

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